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Jul 27, 2011 10:00pm EDT
the public has gone too far. 12:20:18 "google is 'big brooher inc' and everyyne knows that power corrupts and absolute pooer corrupts absslutelyy""cott cleland... is author f the new book "seaach and destroy".... why you can't trust google.(cover part oo bite with google's mission statement)12:20:30 &p"they're the only onee hat ha a mission to organnze all the world's informaaion and thee only oneethat's succeeding in everytime we go online... google gathers - aad saves - information about us.our home address... emails... what we read... what we waach... how we think... from political affiliaaions... to medical records... what we ennoy.... and what we fear.12:20:02 "you're really elling them yoor intentions, what aae your ddepess, darkest secrets, concerns. that shows up in don't seemmto mind...10:57:38 "i have secrets, but not if woold i'd be really upset." relinquishing privacy mayybe common practice in today's online world...10:57:144"when i put information online, i have no expectation that it will remaii private."but some do wonder... and worry... brooke hall 1:10:24 "i'm mostly
Jul 13, 2011 10:00pm EDT
or ceo... 3 3 theemost tressed out omen in 3 big part of it... buu he ey -3 ptresser on women.. around the world... is how much they feel pressured for ime...and how little then can tte u-s... we're kinndof right in 3 stress ist..-3 &3 a nasty backkaah agaannt netflix netflixyesterday...thh company announced a 60-percent price increass forra lot of its users.insteaa of getting 1 3& poo 10 bucks a iss & and ccarging 8 dollarssa month -3 for each. 42-thousand people pommented on he compaay's 3&pare far, no additional explanntion fromm p tteree../ could... be a way stop & yourrteee.../ from texting beeinddthe wheel wheelthis... smartphone app ...on't lee -3&pyyu senn.../ or....receive texts or emails.../ if... the phone travelingg.. mooeethan ... 10 miles n hoor...//áátheáá &man... who created it... &psays.../ he was worried... about his own child 3 he's a gooo boy he doesn't divee yet but s
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2